Making deep learning faster,
cheaper and easier

Determined AI is an early stage company at the forefront of machine learning technology. We reduce time-to-market by increasing developer productivity, improving resource (GPU) utilization, and reducing risk.

About us

We’re a team of machine learning and distributed systems experts, including key contributors to Spark MLlib, Apache Mesos, and PostgreSQL; PhDs and faculty from UC Berkeley and Carnegie Mellon. Our investors include GV (formerly Google Ventures), Amplify Partners, CRV, Haystack, SV Angel, The House, and Specialized Types.

Image of Shaimaa Abdelhamid

Shaimaa Abdelhamid

People Operations Generalist

Image of Emily Bonar

Emily Bonar

Software Engineer


Image of Justin Chen

Justin Chen

Engineering Manager

Image of Neil Conway

Neil Conway

Chief Technology Officer

Image of Ran Fu

Ran Fu

Product Manager

Image of Isha Ghodgaonkar

Isha Ghodgaonkar

ML Developer Advocate

Image of Ilia Glazkov

Ilia Glazkov

Senior Software Engineer

Image of Garrett Goon

Garrett Goon

Applied Machine Learning Engineer

Image of Alex Johnson

Alex Johnson

User Experience (UX) Designer

Image of Caleb Kang

Caleb Kang

Senior Software Engineer


Image of Maksim Kouznetsov

Maksim Kouznetsov

Senior Software Engineer


Image of Bradley Laney

Bradley Laney

Senior Software Engineer


Image of Frankie Li

Frankie Li

Senior Engineering Manager

Image of Liam Li

Liam Li

Senior Applied Machine Learning Engineer

Image of Eric Liu

Eric Liu

Software Engineer


Image of Sean Mackrory

Sean Mackrory

Senior Software Engineer


Image of Vishnu Mohan

Vishnu Mohan

Director of Product Management

Image of Philip Norman

Philip Norman

Software Engineer


Image of Hoang Phan

Hoang Phan

Solutions Engineer

Image of Alex Putnam

Alex Putnam

Marketing Operations Lead

Image of Nikita Rajaneesh

Nikita Rajaneesh

Software Engineer


Image of Ben Somers

Ben Somers

Engineering Manager

Image of Evan Sparks

Evan Sparks

Chief Executive Officer

Image of Corey Staten

Corey Staten

Applied Machine Learning Engineer

Image of Ameet Talwalkar

Ameet Talwalkar

Chief Scientist

Image of Guangqing Tang

Guangqing Tang

Software Engineer


Image of Tim Tucker

Tim Tucker

Senior Support Engineer

Image of Addy Wahid

Addy Wahid

Senior Manager of Product Success

Image of Trent Watson

Trent Watson

Software Engineer


Image of Sze Wai Yuen

Sze Wai Yuen

MLSys Engineer

Image of Hamid Zare

Hamid Zare

Software Engineer

Image of Anda Zhou

Anda Zhou

Software Engineer


Image of Danny Zhu

Danny Zhu

Senior Software Engineer


Image of Shiyuan Zhu

Shiyuan Zhu

Senior Software Engineer


Image of Taylor Ritenour

Taylor Ritenour

Senior Software Engineer


Image of Michael Franklin

Michael Franklin

Chairman, Computer Science Department, University of Chicago

Image of Ben Lorica

Ben Lorica

Chief Data Scientist at O'Reilly Media

Image of Ameet Patel

Ameet Patel

Advisor to Startups

Image of Ted Stinson

Ted Stinson

Sales Advisor

Our Location

324 5th St, San Francisco, CA 94107

We’re conveniently located in South of Market, San Francisco, a quick 7-minute walk from the Powell Street MUNI/BART station.

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