Announcing Determined 0.13.6

We are pleased to announce the 0.13.6 release of the Determined deep learning training platform!

Over the past few releases, we have been building out a set of REST API endpoints to make it easier to interact with Determined programmatically. For example, these APIs support querying and updating the model registry, fetching the logs for task, and accessing the training and validation metrics for an active or historical experiment. The 0.13.6 release now includes API documentation for these endpoints, and we’re excited to make them publicly available!

Other notable changes in this release include:

  • Enhancements to our Kubernetes Helm chart to support configuration of the instance running the Determined metadata database
  • Documentation for configuring TLS support
  • Several bug fixes in different parts of the platform

Complete release notes can be found here.

As always, we encourage you to install the new version. Please refer to our documentation for instructions on how to install the platform and associated CLI.

We welcome feedback in our community Slack channel, on GitHub, or on our mailing list.