Announcing The Determined AI Writers' Program!

Are you passionate about machine learning? We want to help you tell your story!

The Determined AI Writers’ Program supports people who create original written content about machine learning, AI, and data science. If you have an idea for an ML-related article you’d like to write, please submit it to us! If your proposal is accepted, we’ll feature it on our website and share it with our rapidly growing open-source community. Plus, you will receive $500!

Come write for Determined!

Any practical ML-related topic is fair game, as long as your writeup describes how to use Determined at some point (e.g., for tasks like training models, hyperparameter tuning, NAS, managing GPUs, or model management). Articles that target both beginners and advanced deep learning practitioners are welcome, and tutorials, how-tos, code samples, and other practical guides are strongly encouraged!

Here are some articles from the Writers’ Program that we’ve already published:

Here are some blog posts from the Determined AI team that would have been a good fit for the Writers’ Program:

To get you started, here are a few more topics that might make for good articles:

  • Mixed-precision training: what is it, and how to do it with Determined and PyTorch/TensorFlow
  • How to reproduce an ML experiment and share them with others
  • Tips and tricks for training models with large batch sizes
  • How to do hyperparameter tuning of a HuggingFace model
  • Interpretable ML with Captum

But that’s just a few ideas — we’d love to hear what you’re excited to write about!

If you have questions, we’re here to help! You can find us in the Determined Slack — first, join the Slack, and then ask your question in the #writers-program channel. If you haven’t installed Determined yet, you can get started by reading the quick start guide.

The Fine Print

How do I submit a proposal? Start here.

Make sure to include:

  1. The title of the proposed article
  2. What a reader of the article should learn from it
  3. Whether the article targets beginner, intermediate, or advanced ML practitioners
  4. How Determined will be used in the article
  5. A brief outline of the article (e.g., one bullet point per paragraph/section)
  6. A brief bio and links to other articles you have written, if any.

How long should articles be? Articles typically range from 1000-2000 words.

How do we evaluate proposals? Our team reviews each proposal we receive. We look for proposals that are well-written, clearly organized, describe a topic we think would be relevant to the machine learning community, and showcase the features/functionality of Determined’s deep learning training platform.

If my proposal is accepted, what happens next? We’ll provide feedback on your proposal and a member of the Determined AI team will be assigned as your reviewer. You’ll then write the article itself, and work with your reviewer to get it ready for publication. Once you and your reviewer are happy with the article, we’ll publish it on Determined AI’s blog, circulate it on our community Slack, and you’ll receive $500!