Announcing Determined 0.27.1

We’re excited to announce Determined 0.27.1! Here are the highlights:

New Features

  • CLI: Added new --db-snapshot flag for the det deploy aws up subcommand that allows starting RDS DB instances with a pre-existing snapshot. This flag is currently only usable with the simple-rds deployment type.


  • Notebooks: The Jupyter notebook file browser (ContentManager) will no longer be locked down to work_dir, and it’ll have the entire / filesystem visible. work_dir will stay the default starting directory. That way, if you want to work outside of work_dir, you’re free to do just by using the file browser normally (no need to relaunch JupyterLab )

  • Helm: Added support for downloading checkpoints when using shared_fs. Added a mountToServer value under checkpointStorage. By default, this parameter is set to false, preserving the current behavior. However, when it’s set to true and the storage type is shared_fs, the shared directory will be mounted on the server, allowing to work with shared_fs on Determined starting from version 0.27.0 and later.

For more details, check out the release notes.

We hope you enjoy the newest version of Determined! If you’re new to Determined, check out our instructions on how to install the platform.

We would love your feedback! Join our Slack, visit the GitHub repository or send us a message on our mailing list.