Determined v0.29.0

This week we released Determined v0.29.0. Here are the highlights:

Breaking Changes & Deprecations:

  • Adds a new requirement for runtime configurations that there be a writable $HOME directory in every container.
  • Removed the accidentally exposed Session object from the det.experimental.client namespace.

Notable Improvements & New Features:

  • Configure log settings for the Determined agent in the configuration file used to launch Determined clusters by setting log.level and log.color appropriately.
  • Resource Manager: Prevent connections from duplicate agents.
  • Add a configuration setting, initial_user_password, to the master configuration file forcing the setup of an initial user password for the built-in determined and admin users during the first launch.

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See the full release notes for details.

If you’re new to Determined, check out the installation instructions.

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