Determined v0.29.1

This week we released Determined v0.29.1. Here are the highlights:

New Features

  • Include early-access NVIDIA NGC-based images in our environment offerings. These images are accessible from pytorch-ngc or tensorflow-ngc. By downloading and using these images, users acknowledge and agree to the terms and conditions of all third-party software licenses contained within, including the NVIDIA Deep Learning Container License.

  • Users can build their own images from a specified NGC container version using the build-pytorch-ngc or build-tensorflow-ngc targets in the makefile in our environments repository.

Notable Improvements

  • Images: Eliminate TensorFlow 2.8 images from our offerings. Default TensorFlow 2.11 images remain available for TensorFlow users.
  • Experiments: Fix an issue where experiments in the STOPPING_CANCELED state on master restart would leave unkillable containers running on agents.

Learn more

See the full release notes for details.

If you’re new to Determined, check out the installation instructions.

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