Determined v0.30.0

Last week we released Determined v0.30.0, which contains significant changes to the system profiler.

Breaking Changes & Removed Features

  • Support for timing metrics and related configurations has been removed. The Determined profiler now only collects system metrics and defers to our native profiler integrations for training-specific profiling. Users are encouraged to configure profilers native to their training API for this functionality.
  • Trainer no longer supports the Trainer.configure_profiler option. Profiling is now enabled through the call.
  • Database migration: System metrics collected by the Determined profiler are now stored in the generic metrics table. This requires a few schema changes to the metrics table that will be run during migrations.

New Feature

  • The Determined profiler is now accessible from the Core API. It collects system metrics, which can be viewed in the WebUI under the experiment’s “Profiler” tab. See the Core API guide for details.

Learn more

See the full release notes for details.

If you’re new to Determined, check out the installation instructions.

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