AI News #14

Here’s what caught our eye this past week.

Claude 3

  • New LLM by Anthropic that’s giving ChatGPT 4 a run for its money.
  • Announcement.


  • Approximate gradients to reduce memory, allowing the pre-training of a 7B model on a single 24 GB GPU.
  • Paper.


Caselaw Dataset

  • A dataset of 6.6 million court decisions in the USA, from the last 360 years.
  • Announcement.
  • Dataset.

Stable Diffusion 3 Paper

  • Technical report for the Stable Diffusion model that was released a couple of weeks ago.
  • Paper


  • Better robotics performance by first predicting a generic language description of motion (“rotate arm right”), then predicting the specific action (“open jar”).
  • Project page.


  • Converts pretrained text-to-image models into text-to-3D models.
  • Project page.
  • Code.

Multimodal ArXiv Dataset

  • Dataset of millions of figure-captions pairs from 572,000 papers on ArXiv, and a question-answering dataset generated by GPT4 based on the figure-caption pairs.
  • Project page.
  • Caption dataset and QA dataset.

Backtracing: Retrieving the Cause of the Query

  • Proposes a new task and benchmark: given text and a question, backtracing asks “what part of the text caused the question to be asked?”.
  • Paper.
  • Code.


  • A new LLM finetuned on legal documents.
  • Paper.
  • Model.


How Far Are We from Intelligent Visual Deductive Reasoning?


  • Synthetic dataset of image-caption pairs, created by GPT-4 and Stable Diffusion, and used to train multimodal models on video understanding.
  • Project Page

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