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Working on the Determined team at HPE

We operate using three major guiding principles:

Create customer value

We can only be successful if we make our users successful. This means we must be empathetic to understand our users’ pain, pragmatic to deliver efficiently, and focused on execution to consistently increase the value of our product.

Build the strongest team

Great teams require great individuals with a set of collaborative principles to enable them to do their best work together. We look for folks who are fantastic at what they do, and acknowledge that their key strengths may not be currently reflected on the team. We work to build a place where people can collaborate respectfully and constructively to ensure that people with different experiences, backgrounds, and expertise can all contribute to their fullest potential.

Always be learning

Feedback is key to improving our work and our product. This requires humility to receive feedback and acknowledge that we can improve; and structure to incorporate feedback into our systems. We recognize that we are at the precipice of a fundamental technology shift, and must innovate rapidly to ensure we are working at the cutting edge.

co workers on the ski slopes coworkers enjoying a round of DDR Ladies at Determined AI
socially distant lunch in half moon bay team photo in portland 2020



Health & Wellness

We have full health, dental, and vision coverage; 401(k); flexible spending accounts for medical care, commute costs, and dependent care.


Remote Work

We enable fully-remote work for both our local and remote employees and we work hard to ensure everyone has a first-class work environment.


Company Retreats

We have in-person yearly retreats; so far to Santa Cruz, Los Angeles, and Portland, Oregon. We augment these with more frequent “online retreats” to give us a chance to step away from the daily tactical decisions and ensure we’re thinking about the big picture.


Maternal/Paternal Leave

Many of our employees have children. We are family-friendly and flexible.



We offer a generous vacation policy. We are building a team for the long haul and believe that people need time away from work to do their job effectively.