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MAY 12, 2020

How to Build an Enterprise Deep Learning Platform, Part One

By David Hershey

There is an incredibly common story playing out in countless enterprises in 2020.


MAY 07, 2020

Scale Your Model Development on a Budget With GCP Preemptible Instances

By Dave Troiano

With Determined you can cloud burst your deep learning training workloads on GCP’s cost-effective preemptible GPUs, in a way that is friendly to infrastructure teams and model developers alike.


APR 20, 2020

Determined / SageMaker Comparison

By Sean Rowan

Determined AI and AWS SageMaker are both platforms that accelerate these Machine Learning Engineering workflows, but with key differences that we compare, in detail.


APR 15, 2020

What Andreessen Horowitz Got Wrong About AI

By Evan Sparks

A Response To Andreessen Horowitz’s “The New Business Of AI”


MAR 16, 2020

Distributed Deep Learning That Actually Works

By Aaron Harlap, Dimitris Papailiopoulos

In this post, we explore the reasons behind it and suggest paths towards scalable training that have the potential to reliably work out of the box.


FEB 14, 2020

AI in the 2020s Must Get Greener—and Here’s How

By Ameet Talwalkar

The environmental impact of artificial intelligence (AI) has been a hot topic as of late—and I believe it will be a defining issue for AI this decade.


NOV 19, 2019

AI Leadership And The Positive Impacts On Economy, Privacy, Environmental Health

By Evan Sparks

Decades ago, Japan faced an unavoidable, long-term economic challenge. Even as its economy reached record highs in the late 1980s (fueled by strong auto sales, the rise of innovative companies like Nintendo, and real estate speculation), it was preparing for the coming day when more than a quarter of its population would be over age 65.


NOV 12, 2019

Deep in the Trenches: What Are We Reading? (November 2019)

By Evan Sparks

In the first of a series of posts, we share some thoughts on papers and blog posts that we’re reading right now that have generated some fiery internal discussion at Determined AI.


OCT 29, 2019

The squeeze on AI talent could cripple America’s most important companies

By Evan Sparks

With the AI revolution solidly underway, tech’s top 5 companies are investing huge amounts of money into AI development and AI engineering talent.


AUG 19, 2019

Specialized AI chips hold both promise and peril for developers

By Evan Sparks

In the next few years, chipmaking giants and well-funded startups will race to gain market share.